Saturday, July 16, 2016

8 Reasons Why I Love Helsinki

1. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere! Oh, how I wish I could take my dog with me to the shops and cafes here in Estonia, but unfortunaely I can`t. However, in Helsinki you can see dogs everywhere and it`s so great to see how much  Finns do love animals.

2. The people! Finns are so chill and don`t give you that "weird" look if you look/have different style then the others. Also, most of the local speak fluent English, so it`s very easy to communicate with the people in Helsinki.

3.Shops! There are so many shops for everyone in Helsinki. You can find great high fashion stores, big malls or vintage/second-hand shops in this city. So everyone can find something nice for themselves. 

4. Architecture! The architechure of the city is so lovely and, you can see buildings with a great history of past centuries, but so many of them have some modern touch. I love that Scandinavic vibe, where old meets new. 

5. Parks, Nature! Besides the busy city life, you can find many-many parks in city centre where you can just chill, have a picnic, have fun with friends etc. Also, there are lots of forests nearby Helsinki, which is a great place to escape if you want to have a time of  your own. 

6. Cafes! Helsinki has so many nice cafes, and I`m sure everyone can find their favorite.

7. Little islands near the city! If you take a ferry to Helsinki, you can see so many little beautiful islands nearby the harbour. It would be so nice to own a little "mökki"-summer cottage of our own in there.

8. Sea! If you know me a little better, then you should know how much I love the sea and it`s denfinitely a place to relax for me. 

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Thursday, July 14, 2016


So, yesterday we spent the whole day in Helsinki! Oh, how much I love this city, I totally could see myself living in there.
Also stay tuned for more posts and  vlog of our trip to Finland! :)

jacket, top, pants - New Yorker / plaid shirt - Jack&Jones / shoes - Seppälä

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

RoseGal Wishlist

Well,  the other day I found this awesome website called They have so many great stuff there, from clothes to make-up and all at a very great price.  Oh, and the another great thing is that they offer free shipping worldwide. So don`t forget to visit their page HERE!
And here is my wishlist of my fvorite items from their site.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid

My first  little perfume review is finally here. Well, what can I say, this perfume is incredible and it`s not only because I love everything Beyonce does. It smells so sweet but exotic at the same time. I absolutely love it and recommend it to all of you who loves perfumes that have a sweet flowery scent.
Also, look how cute is the pink bottle, I love the shape of it which mde it really easy to use. Definitely one of my favorite perfumes so far!!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Insta Update

Here`s a little sneak peek of my Instagram. Wanna get the latest updates of my life? Follow me HERE!