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Say hello to my 3 cuties! Nikita, Mõmmi and Cookie.  At the end of January my lovely friend Andrea invited us to studio for a little photoshoot.
So I think it`s time to do a little chit chat about my pets.
Do you have pets? What kind of?

Nikita is a little Chow Chow boy, who has been with me for about 4,5 years. The cutest dog ever, but soooooo stubborn. He has a proud independent spirit and people say that Chow Chow`s are catlike, because of their character and yes, I totally agree with it.
What more, well, h e  likes to play in the snow but also going to the beach and swim. The quote that "Who ever said that diamond are girl`s best friend, never owned a dog" is so true. He really is my best friend and 25 kg`s of pure love it is!

Now, let`s talk about Cookie, or how I like to call him a little Cokkie Monsta. I bought him in January and he has been with me only for 2 months. I have always wanted a bunny and now I finally got him. Firstly they told me in the pet store that it…

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