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Say hello to my newest DIY project - wool slippers. I know  it`s already summer and I just finished these slippers which I have done  for a couple months  now . I guess they can wait for fall now. Yes, I did them all by myself, and I don`t even know why I started with them, but here they are. :) What you think of them? Do you like DIY projects?
 //Ma tean, et sussid ja suvi ei sobi kohe üldse kokku, aga mõni kuu tagasi ma nende tegemist alustasin ja valmis said nad siis just suveks. Mis siis ikka, las ootavad sügist/talve. Jah, ma tegin nad otsast lõpuni ise, ma isegi ei tea miks ma neid tegema hakkasin, aga siin nad nüüd on. :) Mida arvate teie igasugustest DIY projektidest? :) //  


 Here are some pictures from last Sunday. We went to Tapa (a really small town in Estonia) and saw this abandoned place. I have always liked them. There is something so cool and mysterious in abandoned houses. So we just explored around and got some nice pictures.   In the pictures I`m wearing my favorite sweater. It`s so comfy and warm, but looks awesome. And guess what, it cost only 8 euros. Must love big sales! :) And about this plaid dress I`m wearing, well this is actually my moms, but I freakin love it. Thank god, we can share our clothes!!!
 sweater - Lindex / shoes - Blanco

 I also wanted to share with you that just in less than a month we are going to Bulgaria. I´s my first big trip with my bf,  so I think you can guess how exited I am about that!!! :))
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Red Jacket

Hello sweethearts, I wish you all a wonderful new week! Finally some outfit post from me, haven`t done it for so long, sorry about that! This Saturday we had another hookah night and had a lot of fun as well!! Also,  say hello to my new favorite jacket, which was on sale in New Yorker and cost only 20 euros! How great is that!?? :) 
jacket, top, jeans - New Yorker/ necklace - Lindex 

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Beach & Sun

 Aah, another Sunday getaway with my boys. Love them! Today we went to the beach and enjoyed the sunny and warm weather there. Smoked  hookah and already  did a little sunbathing. Love these little moments in life. And what is more, I still can`t believe that the school is soon over. I have only 2 exams left (Math and Russian), so wish me luck sweethearts! :)

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Sunday with My Guys

Yesterday I had a nice Sunday getaway with my doggie and bf. It felt so good to get out of town and just enjoy this beautiful sunny weather near the lake. I know that I should have studied for my exam instead of this, but this felt so much better. Let`s now just hope that I didn`t screw it up.

Swimming season is open for my dog although the water is freezing here in Estonia!

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April Favorites

Say hello to my 5 new favorite products! 
 Helosan Original - Well, I think that  this one is a must-have product for anyone. I bought it last year for my tattoo and then I started to use this as a hand cream. I have always had dry and broken hands after winter, but not in this year - It`s all thanks to this super product.  The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner - Mm the more I use this, the more I fall in love with it. I love how soft and shiny my hair are after using this. Also the smell, it is so refreshing and nice. 
// Helosan Original - No see on nüüd küll toode, mis peaks igal inimesel olemas olema. Mina soetasin selle omale eesmine aasta tatoveeringu ravi jaoks ja peale seda olen kasutanud seda kätekreemina. Mina olen alati see olnud, kelle käed on üli katki (isegi verenilõhki) ja kuivad peale talve, aga õnneks mitte see aasta. Kõik tänu Helosanile, ise ka istun ja imestan kui korras mu käed on! :) The Body Shop Rainforest Läikepalsam - Mida rohkem ma seda kasutan, seda rohkem…

Gimme That Lace

Look at these two dresses, aren`t they perfect? Just something that I need in my life now. 

 I`ve been looking for a perfect dress like crazy lately, because in June it`s already my graduation. I don`t want anything special. Just a simple white lace skater dress. Is it too much to ask? Because I just can`t find it anywhere. Only in online shops, but I don`t know if I`m brave enough to buy it there.  Well, if I find my perfect dress someday, soon, I don`t want to style it with heels like most of the girls, because I think I should feel comfortable that day and not to think about that how much my legs hurt. So a pair of cute white ballerinas should help me.