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Oh, finally I have time to share with you some amazing moments from our Bulgarian trip. We had so much fun and I wish we could have stayed there longer, because this one week went by so quickly. At our first day we wanted to go to Nessebars old town, but we end up in this newer area. So we just did some sightseeing there and explored around town. 

I promise to post more interesting  pictures from our trip and soon the vlog will be up. So stay tuned! ;)


I`m not gonna talk much cause I`m writing this post at the airport. Yes, we are flying to Bulgaria wuhu. But yea, I want to share with you some of my graduation pics.  So yesterday was this big day and I would like to thank all of my  friends and family members who had time to spend this day with me.  I still can`t believe that high scool is over. This is crazyyyyy. But yea, new challenges and people are waiting for and I`m pretty excited about that.

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Almost Over

All my final exams are now  done  and it`s time to enjoy the summer. And what is more, just in 9 days it`s my graduation. I`m so exited but scared at the same time. I`m gonna start a new chapter in my life - move out from my moms house, have to decide what to do and in which  university to go and so on. Thiiis is crazy! I just can`t believe that it`s over, but also I can`t wait to see what the university years will be like!  
 top, sweater - New Yorker / sunglasses - Reserved / wallet - Madonna

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Instagram Update

So, another Instagram update for you guys. If you want to see more pics of my life, make sure you follow me HERE!
Nothing feels better than a nice morning run. / Selfie before mommy-daughter time at theater. / Trippin in Viljandi with my baby. / That happy moment when my step father allowed me to drive his car.

My sleeping-beauty, isn`t he cute. / Always happy to babysit this little cutiepie. / Nice day at the beach with my baby / Oh yea, people, please stop hating Beyonce, she is THE queen.

I lloooove this red jacket and my piercing - should I wear my lip piercing more often? / Exploring some awesome places with my Roost (that`s how I call my car) / Nice day at the beach with my dog and bf / Banana pancakes for breakfast, yummmi! 

Banana Pancakes for Breakfast, Yes Please!

 Mmmm, banana pancakes are definitely a  perfect breakfast for me. Firstly, they taste  soo damn good and  what is more, these pancakes are  incredibly simple and healthy (gluten and dairy free) . 
 For this yummi breakfast you only need 2 ingredients - banana and 2 eggs. All you have to do is whisk these two together and then fry them like normal pancakes. 
 I served my breakfast with  one tsp of honey and some slices of bananas. Nomnom, oh god, this post made me so hungry that I think it`s a perfect time to make myself some banana pancakes. Hahah.
What is your favorite breakfast? Do you have any tips for me how to make banana pancakes even more delicious? :)

May Favorites

 Coconut Care Shower cream - If  you`re my long-time reader then you should know that I`m obsessed with coconut products. This shower cream is soo softening and moisturizing. And let`s not forget about that amazing smell. It`s so good that I can smell it all day long. :) L`Oreal Miss Manga Mascara - Firstly, this mascara really has the cutest packaging ever.Pink, black and panda- what else should I want?! But don`t think that I only like it because of its packaging. This mascara does wonders, it gave my eyes a dolly effect, so my eyes honestly  looked really cute after using this. Definitely one of the bests mascaras I have used!  Oreon Conditioner for Normal and Weak Hair - If you want a good conditioner for a low price then here it is! It made my hair so soft and easy to comb.What else should I want from a cheap conditioner!
// Coconut Care Duššikreem- Kui sa oled mu blogi juba pikemalt lugenud, siis peaksid teadma, et ma olen sõna otseses mõttes sõltuvuses igasugustest kookoselõhnali…


Hello everyone! It`s finally summer here in Estonia, wuhuu! Can`t be more happier.  On Saturday we had a nice getaway to Porkuni(small place in Estonia). The weather was so warm and sunny. So it was a perfect day for sunbathing and swimming. Ok, ok the water is still sooo cold and actually there wasn`t anyone else in the water beside me and my dog.  Are you exited about upcoming summer? What are your plans for this summer?

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