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Я хочу лететь ещё выше

                     jacket - Vero Moda / top - New Yorker / Boots - Seppälä

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Random Facts About Me

 1. Whenever I come or leave my house, I hug my dog.  2.I loove milk and dark chocolate, but I don`t eat white chocolate. It`s way too sweet for me :)  3. I have 13 piercings all over my body (2 on my lips and 11 on my ears). And most of them are done by myself. 4. I love blogging and photography 5. I can speak 3 languages - Estonian, Russian and English.

6. I wanna visit Istanbul one day, and maybe live there for awile. 7. I am studying Business Administration 8.I have been together with my boyfriend for 4 years. 9. I`m a mommys girl. Well mybe it`s because I have never seen my dad, hahha. 10. My favorite color is black, because it`s so chick and suits with everything. 11. I`m half Russian. 12. I wanna start my own business one day.
13. I love swimming and spending time near the sea.
14.My biggest inspirations and  idols are Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger, Ciara and Jennifer Lopez.
15. I have a tattoo on my back.
16. I don`t regret much in my life, but I regret that I was that stupid enough  to lose  …


 Hello Autumn! It`s hard to believe how fast Summer went by, but I`m ready for the fall. This week was my first one  in college, and to be honest, I`m actually  pretty excited about this. So let`s wait for the autumn leaves and enjoy every moment of it.

sweater, pants - Lindex / top - New Yorker / boots - Seppälä

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