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Smoke Clouds

Cause this smoke cloud`s giving me shelter And I feel much better And demonds wave the white  flag for me Still my bones keep pleading to walk out From all of this fall out But there`s no way that I could leave So I don`t leave Turn my bitterness to sweet I gotta find a new release                                                                 (James Arthur - Smoke Clouds)

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Instagram Update

 Aaaand here it is - the latest Update of my Instagram account. For more interesting stuff, make sure you follow me here - ccarinazz

The time we cycled 60 km`s - wish I was that active atm
Nice daytrip with my boys to Altja
Enjoying some great time by the lake with my puppy

Selfie before Jan`s birthday
Celebrating his birthday at the beach
Found a leafwoam from my garden, woah, they are soo beautiful
Selfie before the outfit shoot
Before my mom`s birthday
A nice walk at the park with my dear
Loooove the colorful Autumn leaves
Dyed my hair red


To begin, I`m really really really sorry that I have been away from blogging for so long. Like for real, my last post was about  a month ago, well this really is weird. But I`m trying to be back on track. There is just so much going on atm in my life. School, work and everything, it`s driving me crazy xd ., but okay, enough for nagging. I`m here to show you my new hair. I just wanted to try something new  and boom, I`m a redhead now. I think it looks pretty badass, hahah. I also have one photoshoot planned for the next week, so stay tuned!  What do you think of my new hair, do you like to experiment with new hairstyles? :)
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