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A few days ago I received a package from Dresslink with these brushes and some clothing items. I couldn`t believe that the brushes would be so great. They are very soft and thick, I just love them. Oh, and the price is really low as well. The only thing I didn` like was the weird smell, but that came off after first wash.
Make-Up Brushes - Here
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I`m faded, so lost.. These are the lyrics that describe my life atm. I`m so busy with work and scool that it`s driving me crazy, but enough of nagging, I didn`t make this blog to complain about my life.. On Thursday I had a nice day off which I spent in Tallinn with my bf, mom and stepdad. Family time, yes yes. We shopped, went to the cinema and watched Kung Fu Panda 3 (well there were only me and J), but yea, day well spent.  Before heading to the cinema we had a little time to take some pictures. As you can see I`m still obsessed with this jacket from Newchick. 
jacket - Here / pants - Terranova / shoes - Seppälä

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Hair Care - Puhas Loodus

The line Puhas Loodus from Estonian company Orto has the best shampoos and conditioners ever. My dermatologist recommened their products to me last year and thats how I fell in love with them. Here are some of my favorites that are really easy to use. You just wash your hair and then apply conditioner on washed and towel-dried hair, leave it to work for a few minutes and then rinse off. Oh, and what is more, all these products do not contain silicones, parabens of allergy-causing fragrances

Budock Conditioner  -  Amazing conditioner with a nice smell. It makes my hair really strong and smooth. The budock extract is also good for hair roots and prevents hair loss.
Conditioner with Shea Butter - This conditioner is really softening and gives my hair silky gloss. I like the fact that it`s made of  100% natural shea butter  and ofc does not contain silicones and parabens.
Blackcurrant Shampoo - This shampoo is so gentle and nice. It makes my hair strong and shiny. Also the blackcurrant and…


So here it is again, a list of songs I`ve been listening lately. Enjoy! ;)
Beyonce - Formation 

Chris Brown Feat. Usher & Zayn - Back to Sleep (Remix)

Kendji Girac Feat. Soprano - No Me Mires Mas

Serebro - Oтпусти меня

Zayn - Pillowtalk

All Black Everything

Yes, black is  for sure my color, one of the reasons is that  you can never go wrong with it. So here it is again, an all black outfit from me, except the white dots on my scarf, hah. Oh, and one interesting fact about this jacket, it`s a real oldie. I got it when I was 13,  so I guess  this only  means one thing,  you can always count on  Vero Moda. 

jacket - Vero Moda / scarf, boots - Seppälä / bag - Monton 

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Old Town

So these pictures are from last Friday, when we celebrated my birthday in Tallinn. Can`t beleave I`m already 20, like whaaat. Time goes by soo fast, but I guess in my heart I`ll stay forever 16/17, haha. 
jacket - MasCara / jeans - New Yorker / bag - Terranova

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Foundation Talk

Foundation is something I use every day. And one thing is sure, it is really hard to find a perfect one. In this post I`m going to show you my two favorites from Maybelline that provide nice coverage and are  value for money. 

Maybelline Fit Me -  This particular one in shade 110 is perfect for me in wintertime when my skin is naturally  the lightest. I love it, because it`s ultra lightweight and provides a great coverage. One thing that I also like is that contains SPF of 18, which means I can as well use it in summer (in darker shade ofc). 

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin -  Don`t ask me why I still haven`t bought this foundation as I have got like  5 or more testers already and I absolutely love them. This one in shade 21 was a little dark for me, but the texture is AMAZiNG. It matifies  and feels so good on the skin, also it provides full coverage for all day

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Whenever I have a "bad hair day", the perfect black beanie is a real savior for me. Oh and what is more, do you see this awesome jacket I`m wearing? It`s so soft and cozy, basically,  my favorite this winter. Both, the beanie and jacket are from New Chick and you can also shop their amazing items HERE!
Beanie - Here / Jacket - Here / Scarf, Jeans - New Yorker

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