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Soon.. Just 2 and a half weeks to go, then I`ll basically be free as a bird. Still gonna go to work, but no more school and practice, cause it`s going to be a summerbreak, just in 2 and half weeks. I can`t wait, I`m so excited, I wish those weeks to pass by as quickly as possible, but we`ll see..  So I had a free weekend and this  was soo good, I finally had time to relax and do the things that I love. We went to Tallinn and for some long walks in my hometown. Well yea,  it`s crazy to work with no day offs for the whole month, but it`s done. And still need to wait for some weeks for my next dayoff. Why do I always get myself into so many responsopilities?. Are you excited about Summer, what are your plans for Summer?? :)

cardigan - Lindex // scarf - Oriflame // bag - Fiorelli

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Instagram Update

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The time it finally was warm enough for my kitty to go outside // Before a little roadtrip // Nice day near the lake Porkuni // Last snow
Nice day for exploring the nature // The time we arrived to Pärnu SPA // The beach in Pärnu is the nicest, especially for blog inspiration // 5-year anniversary with this honey boo boo
A nice breakfast before going to work // My snack for Eurovision Song Contest // Lunchtime // No make-up selfie 

Summer Wishlist

Summer is just around the corner and that`s why I decided to make this wishlist. In Summertime you won`t see me in crazy bright colors, but still, I promise to  add some other colors to black, I (mostly white, heh). :) As you have already seen in the stores, in this Summer many clothing items have this nice festival vibe. And I`m also all about the bohemian/festival style. 
1. White bralette / 2. Black kimono (already have a white one, so why not to have something darker as well) / 3. High-waisted shorts / 4. Gladiator shoes 

5. Lace long sleeved dress / 6. Cutout black bikini / 7. Bohemian jewellery 

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Manhattan Clear Face BB-Cream 9 in 1

I have never used Manhattan products, but after this BB-Cream I know that Manhattan is the brand I can trust. It provides a great coverage, has a moisturising effect and the nicest smell ever. Like for real, it smelled like a nice perfume. Maybe it was because of it`s antibacterial effect or it was something else, I can`t say, but it was nice.  Oh, and what are the 9 effects that one product has: - fights with spots; - has an antibacterial effect - covers impurites  - reduces excess sebum - mattifies the skin - moisturies the skin - ensures a radiant finish  - soothes the skin - protects skin with SPF 15 (perfect for Summer)

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Maybelline Baby Lips Electro

How cool are these Baby Lips Electro lip balms!? Maybelline has them in 6 different shades and I had mine in orange, which was the best color for spring. But in addition to nice color, it also hydrates the lips and has an amazing smell. So, if you are looking for a new lip balm for a Summer, I totally recommend the Baby Lips Electro ones. 

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