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Crete Photo Diary

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Yes, I`m a tomboy. Not that I don`t like to get dressed up and be super girly sometimes, yes I do that too. But most of the times you see me in my jeans, hoodies and sneakers etc.  Well, these photos are actually taken over a week ago, before our Crete trip. We went to see J`s grandmother in Mustvee. It was so nice to get away somewhere quiet, also it was my dog`s first time away from home for the night. Fortunately, he was a good boy and now I`m sure, I can do long roadtrips with him. ;)
plaid shirt - Jack & Jones / jeans - New Yorker / shoes - Converse

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Crete Through My Instagram

So, I`m back from my Crete holiday. What can I say, it was the best trip in my life so far. everything was perfect and so beautiful. Oh, how I wish I could go back.
Stay tuned for more pictures and vlogs! :)

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8 Reasons Why I Love Helsinki

1. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere! Oh, how I wish I could take my dog with me to the shops and cafes here in Estonia, but unfortunaely I can`t. However, in Helsinki you can see dogs everywhere and it`s so great to see how much  Finns do love animals.

2. The people! Finns are so chill and don`t give you that "weird" look if you look/have different style then the others. Also, most of the local speak fluent English, so it`s very easy to communicate with the people in Helsinki.

3.Shops! There are so many shops for everyone in Helsinki. You can find great high fashion stores, big malls or vintage/second-hand shops in this city. So everyone can find something nice for themselves. 

4. Architecture! The architechure of the city is so lovely and, you can see buildings with a great history of past centuries, but so many of them have some modern touch. I love that Scandinavic vibe, where old meets new. 

5. Parks, Nature! Besides the busy city life, you can find many-many parks in city…


So, yesterday we spent the whole day in Helsinki! Oh, how much I love this city, I totally could see myself living in there. Also stay tuned for more posts and  vlog of our trip to Finland! :)

jacket, top, pants - New Yorker / plaid shirt - Jack&Jones / shoes - Seppälä

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RoseGal Wishlist

Well,  the other day I found this awesome website called They have so many great stuff there, from clothes to make-up and all at a very great price.  Oh, and the another great thing is that they offer free shipping worldwide. So don`t forget to visit their page HERE!
And here is my wishlist of my fvorite items from their site.

1. Baseball  Cap  2. Cat Eye Sunglasses  3. Striped Crop Top 4. Denim Jacket 5. High Waisted Jeans  6. High Heel Boots

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Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid

My first  little perfume review is finally here. Well, what can I say, this perfume is incredible and it`s not only because I love everything Beyonce does. It smells so sweet but exotic at the same time. I absolutely love it and recommend it to all of you who loves perfumes that have a sweet flowery scent. Also, look how cute is the pink bottle, I love the shape of it which mde it really easy to use. Definitely one of my favorite perfumes so far!!!

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Insta Update

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Hello July

Already July! Wow, time really flies so fast.. So, the other day we took my parens to airport and then chilled around Tallinn. Oh how I love citylife, wish I could live there already, but I can`t, I have school here.  But what about my July? I have to admit that I`m really excited about this month. First, we are going to a cruise to Helsinki in 2 weeks and after that we are going to Crete. Oh, how I love Greece, I`m always so excited to go back there. So, if you guys know any nice places to go and see in Helsinki or Crete, let me know about them in comments. :) Besides to travelling aboard, we are also planning to exprore Estonia and do some bike trips here. Should be awesome.  What are your plans for July? :)

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