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Eveline Big Volume Lash Mascara

I have been using this mascara for months now, and I`m in love with it. I got it as a Christmas gift from a great fried and at first I was a little sceptical using this, because I have never used Evelines mascaras. But hey, sometimes you have to try something different, and this was a great choice. My lashes love this product. It makes my lashes so long and cute, I can have the false lashes effect for the whole day. What can be better! I guess I have found myself a great mascara which is value for money. Yayy!! Have you ever used Evelines mascaras or their other products? Is so, feel free to tell me more about them in the comments! ;)

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Summer is soon over, but I`m still in summer mood with my posts. I promise, I have a lot of Crete and Odessas posts ahead, which means, Summer may be over, but definitely not in my blog.  These pictures are taken in Old town of Chania, Crete. And the jumpsuit I`m wearing was my favourite on this trip, it looks so cute and I felt so comfortabe wearing it. :) If you want to see more of my Crete trip, watch the vlogs HERE (click) and HERE(click)!
jumpsuit - Missguided / sunglasses - Reserved

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Diamond Hair Styler

Say Hello to the best hair straightener ever! First of all, look how beauiful is the packaging and the staraightener itself is also super cute. I love the color of it, I`m so bored to see all the plain colors in the stores, but  this one is not like you have used to see. Also, I like the way it works, it heatens up really fast and does it`s job really well. It`s great that my hair feels so soft and great after using the iron, it feels like I haven`t damaged my hair at all. Besides to this, the shipping of the iron was super fast, usually if I order something from overseas, the item ships to me about 3 weeks, but this was shipped to me about 6-7 days. I mean, how great is that! So, if you are looking for a new hair straightener, I totally recommend you the Diamond Hair Styler, I promise you won`t be dissapointed.
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Crete Vlog part 2

So, here it is, the second part of our Crete trip. You can see how we visited the Old Town of Chania, where I also got sunburnt and didn`t feel the best, hah... Also, you`ll see the beutiful Georgioupolis and it`s nature and caves. Damn, how I miss you, Greece. But yea, if you liked the vlog, then don`t forget to give it a tumbs up and subscribe to my channel. ;)

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Instagram Update

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Back from Greece and took my BooBoo swimming / My beautiful garden / Shopping in Tallinn / Picked some chanterelles / On our way to Vilnius / The beautiful Old Town of Vilnius / The city of Vilnius / Hotel life in Odessa / Amazing Langeron beach in Odessa

New Cuties by Rosegal

Say hello to my new cute earrings from Rosegal. I first heard of Rosegal about a month ago and I totally fell in love with their site, they have a wide variety of  clothes, shoes, beauty items etc. for every taste. As I was so into their site, I purchased myself these earrings, pair of jeans and a cap ( I promise you`ll see the outfit post of the items soon ).  The items were delivered to me very fast and as I opened my package they looked exactly the same as they were on the pictures.  Oh, and what is more, Rosegal offeres  free shipping worldwide, I mean how great is that, you don`t even have to pay for delivery. Perfect! So yea, if you want to shop for nice clothes, check out Rosegals website HERE (click)
My earrings HERE (click)

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Kournas Lake

I`m already back from our Ukraine trip and I still have so many pictures to post about Crete.  Well, to tal about this lake in Crete, then there is only one thing  I can say, and it`s absolutely Magnificent. The location, views, clear waters, mountains and everything. Aah, it is a paradise! To get there we took a 4km hike through the mountains and then spent half of the day near the lake Kournas. We also rented a pedal boat  for 1 hour and had a nice time on the lake. If you want to see more of our Kournas trip, don`t forget to watch the Vlog Here! And, if you are going to Crete, remember that Kournas Lake is definitely a place to visit. 

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Agios Nikolaos Church

For our Crete trip, I had a little to-do list and this little chapel was also in it. It was so beautiful and just a perfect place to take pictures. To get there, we had to walk on the rocky and slippery path, but it was so much fun (you can also see it in our first vlog HERE). Once we got to the church, we had the chance to light a candle and enjoy the magical views. 

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Crete Vlog Part 1

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Helsinki Vlog

Well, as many of you know, before our Crete vacation, we had a little trip to Helsinki. 

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