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Instagram Update

1.Throwback to Summer / 2. Christmas with my very best family / 3.Morning Starbucks in Stockholm / 4.In beautiful Stockholm, Sweden / 6. Waling in the snow / 7. My studying partner for an Accoutning exam / 8. New tattoo / 9. Off to Eilat, Israel from Kaunas
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Stockholm Vlog

As You know, we took a little trip to Stockholm 3 weeks ago. Here is the Vlog, I hope You like it.

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StyleWe Wishlist

StyleWe is a really great online shop, where You can find almost everything to fulfill Your wardrobe. I have ordered there before and I can say that You don`t have to worry about the quality of the clothes. The dress I got in September, was super fabulous. You can see it HERE (click)!  You can chech out their shop HERE (click)! I fell in love with their all white party dresses, that You can see HERE (click). They are all super pretty The reason I`m looking for some Summer clothes already, is that I`m going on a vacation really soon and found the perfect items to get myself there. Also, Summer is just around the corner, so why not to start shopping for some cute clothes.Here are some items, I like the most.

Cream Surplice Neck Pockets Short Sleeve Tafetta Midi Dress

Ivory Floral Embroidered Elegant V Neck Midi Dress
White Swing Elegant Floral-print Sweatheart Midi Dress
As I said before, Summer is just around corner, I also found that StyleWe has a great bikini sale on their site, which You …

Travelling 2016

2016 was crazy, I had been on 6 trips. Wow, and I`m not going to stop there, because travelling and exploring new places is what I love  the most. I hope that in 2017, I can travel as much as last year or even more.  Well, we have already booked a flight to Israel and we are going there in 10 days. How cool is that!  Anyway, let`s get back to last year.
1. Riga, Latvia We went there in January for 3 days. It was my first time in Riga, when I was able to see the city and do sightseeing. I loved the Old Town and the little shops and cafes there. Also there were many great shopping cenres in downtown.

2. Helsinki, Finland
If You have been reading this blog for a long time, then You should know that I loooove Helsinki and I`m trying to visit it every year. We went there in July and it was so cozy there this time of the year. I love the little parks in the city and the great athmosphere. This is definitely one of those cities I would love to live in. 

3. Crete, Greece
This was the best trip this …

Camo Scarf & Red Lips

jacket - Vero Moda / blouse - Cubus / jeans - Lindex / scarf - New Yorker / shoes - Nike

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AisleStyle Dresses

As the new year has already come and I have some special events to attend this year. This only means one thing, I need some new dresses. Thank God, I found this amazing site Aisletyle. They have the most beautiful dresses there, from Wedding Dresses to Homecoming Dresses.  Let`s start with the Dresses for Weddings. On this site You can choose between hundreds of dresses in different prices, colour, style. I`m sure that everyone can find their favourite. I really like the fact that they have the Communion Dresses (click) there, which means everyone can find a dress to attend a wedding.

Floor-length Communion Dress (click)
Every wedding also needs a bridesmaids, and Aisle Style has the perfect Bridesmaid Dresses 2017. Bridesmaid Dresses UK are found in best prices and style.

Bridesmaid Dress (click)
Even though I don`t have a prom this year or anything, I know that many of You have and I want to tell that You can find the perfect Prom Dresses in Aisle Style.

Prom Dress (click)

Outfits of 2016

Here are my favourite outfits of 2016, that you can see all below. Don`t forget to tell me in comments which one is Your favourite? :)

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My 2016

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 went by so fast, it was definitely a good year for me. I was able to do almost everything I wanted. I planned to travel as much as I can and I was able to do it. I visited 6 countries in 2016 and I`m already planning my next trip. At the end of the month we are going to Israel with J, how cool is that? ;). Also, everything went well in college and work. I`m so happy that I chose the right thing to study and I actually enjoy it. I also did some great collaborations and met awesome people. It was definitely a great year for me and even though I have copmlained a lot  I understood that all my hard work and sleepless nights pay off in the end. :) How was Your 2016, what are your plans for 2017? :)

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