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Beautiful Jelgava

While being on our Baltics roadtrip, we drove through one beautiful city in Latvia called Jelgava. It is in central Latvia and only 41 km-s from the capital. We stayed there for 1-night and did a littele sihtseeing in the evening. Also, we totally fell in love with the architecure and the lovely  atmosphere this city had to offer. So, if you happen to be in Latvia and want to explore some city that is not as busy as Riga, then Jelgava is definitely a place to visit. 

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Well, I have been to Finland way too many times this Summer, but I´m always happy to go back. There is just something magical about this country. I have written down why I love Finland many times on my blog, so I think theres no need to explain it again why I love this country. If You want, You can read it HERE (click)! Anyways,  My last trip there was at the beginning of this month  with my best friend and here are some pictures of my little vacation. 

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Domino + Milka + Oreo Cheececake

Ever since I posted a picture of this cake to my social media, I have had a lot of requests for this recipe. I didn`t just want to make a typical Oreo cheesecake, so I decided to add there some Domino coocies and Milka chocolate. Cheesecace recipes are my absolute favourite, no matter how much I of it I eat.  I prefer no-bake cheesecakes much more than baked ones, because they are creamier and easier to make. 


Cheececake base: 
- 2 packs of Domino cookies
- 125g of Coconut Oil

Cheesecake filling:
- 700g of Cream Cheese
- 200g  of Whipped Cream
- 170g of Sugar
- 8-10  of Oreo Cookies
- 4-6  of Domino Cookies
- 100g of Milka Chocolate

- Oreo Cookies (crushed)
- Milka Chocolate (whole / crushed)
- Domino Cookies (whole / crushed)


1. To make the base, blitz the Domino Cookies in a food processor until they are fine and crumb.
2. Mix the crushed cookies with the melted Coconut Oil and press the mix down into the bottom of tin.
3. To make the filling using an e…

Magical Rummu

I have visited Rummu once, but it was in wintertime, and then I said that I should definitely come back in summertime. And it was magical, the water was so blue, like it was in Seitan Limania in Greece. It`s incredible that we have a place like this here in Estonia. So, whenever You visit Estonia, You should definitely visit Rummu. 

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Piusa Caves

Those random days when you spontaniously decide that let`s drive to the other side of the country. That`s what happened when I came back from Greece. We drove to the southeast Estonia, near the border of Russia just  to see the Piusa Caves, and yes, the nature was beautiful there. The caves, sand and the woods were awesome and all I can say is that these random roadtrip with  great friends really are the best. 

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A Little Paradise Called Samos Island

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My life in Greece wouldn`t have been the same without these girls. It`s crazy how sometimes you can`t trust some people you have known for almost all of your life, and sometimes you vibe with someone really quick, and can call them your true friends from day one or two. I`m so thankful for the friendship we built at this time and I can`t wait to see them again. PS! We have some plans for December, I`m sooo excited. 

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