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DIY Make-Up Remover

I am one on these girls who usually can`t go to sleep with make-up on and taking off my make-up has become my daily routine. I know that sometimes we all get lazy about removing make-up, but it`s important to do it every night. The best kind of make-up remover cleans away the make-up without stripping the skin of essential oils and moisture, but hey, it doesent`t  always have to be store-bought.  I don`t see the point of spending a ton of money to take off make-up. The one I am using is really easy to make. You only need an empty bottle, filtered water and an olive oil. All you have to do is mix together an olive oil and a water in an empty bottle and shake well before each use.  Why I chose olive oil? Well, it`s a great natural way to remove the toughest make-up, for example lipstick, eyeliner, waterproof mascara etc. Olive oil is so gentle, conditioning and softening on skin, but definitely super effective. 
What are your favorite tips for removing make-up?

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Palanga & Klaipeda Vlog

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Baby Blue Dress

I got this dress last Summer in Ukraine, but I haven`t worn it that much, I don`t even know why. But now, I  re-discovered it and absolutely fell in love with it again. Now, this baby doll dress is one of my favourite pieces for this fall season. And I`m so excited to style it with my faux leather jackets and boots. 
 jacket - Vero Moda / dress - Alya 

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